The Best Times To Post on Instagram Account

Instamigos is a tool to automate your Instagram’s liking, following, and unfollowing activity. The higher the quality of the photos and videos you post to your Instagram account, the better Instamigos will work. Therefore, it’s up to you to curate the content on your Instagram and post high quality content consistently.

Recommended times and tactics

Based on our data, 12 PM to 1 PM Monday to Friday is the best time to post content to Instagram.
Make sure the photos you post show up in your followers’ Instagram feeds
Instagram posts with lots of comments and likes have a higher chance of appearing near the top of your followers’ feeds.
This is just one way that Instamigos can assist you to grow your audience on Instagram. Instamigos helps you to get targeted, organic likes and comments by giving your photos that extra boost in your followers’ feeds.

Timezones Matter

Since the best time to post content to Instagram is 12PM to 1PM on weekdays, it makes sense to ensure that your Instamigos Activity is also working during these times.
It’s important to target your audience in the correct time zone so that you post your content and engage with their accounts at the right times. Are your followers based in the same time zone as you? Or, do you target multiple audiences in different timezones across the world?

Use the Instamigos Schedule (schedule will be released in June 2017)

You can use the Schedule feature on Instamigos to schedule when your Instamigos automation is running. Using the Schedule will allow you to spend your Activity Time in a more targeted way by automating your activity only during prime hours when your target audience is active.

Tell us your target audience and best posting times

What times work best for you to post on Instagram? We’d love to hear your target audience, and the times you post photos and videos to your Instagram account. What times have worked best for you?

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