Instagram Growth Strategy

Seeking to significantly grow your following on Instagram?  If so, you need to implement a proven solid growth strategy to achieve this.  As its popularity continues to rise, Instagram is a terrific platform to build and market your brand.  For any business owner I would even say it is the preferred social media platform.  

Your goal, of course, is to provide great and unique high quality content to become a favorite of your audience.  Using a solid growth strategy along with artificial intelligence software, such as Instamigos, will expand your audience and create brand awareness.  Let’s make sure you have a solid foundation to build your digital empire upon.  

“Ready, Set, Grow”

To be successful, to maximize your efforts on Instagram, you must follow these steps.  First, set your biography (BIO) details within your profile section. This essentially has four elements. Choose a Name.  Who are you and what is your brand?  You need to make sure your name best represents your identity.  Don’t take this step lightly because your Instagram name is the only attribute that is considered within the Instagram search field and it is the first component that potential followers can relate to.  Selecting a name that best identifies your channel is the key.  Simply put, it is the identity of who you are within Instagram.

Next, think of an attention grabbing Headline.  It is important to personalize the headline and let it speak to your audience.  Give the opportunity for users and potential followers to get to know you better.  A good headline should reflect your skill set, hobby or profession.  

Within the Body of your Bio you should identify your foundation and purpose of the channel.  Let users know what the purpose of your Instagram account is.  Is it clear, your message?  You may also want to state your Mission; consider it just like any other business where Mission and Vision are the key drivers of your company.  Also, it is vital to have Links in your headline.  Links allow you to connect users with your product or service, your website and other social media platforms.  Providing a link invites followers to learn more about you.  It is a call to action for your audience and the only attribute that Instagram allows.  

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“Hey, I like your style”

Consider what your Style will be within Instagram.  Identify a unique style that is consistent across all of your content.  Style can be through photos you choose, filters selected, or even specific captions used to describe your photos.  Your style can help differentiate you from the competition and let you stand out from the crowd.  

Our growth strategy foundation is really taking shape now.  Let’s keep going.  

Develop a plan and stick to it.  Consistency.  Posting on a consistent basis is critical to your Instagram success.  Posting once a day is the bare minimum, but to make any solid connections in your sphere of influence it is suggested that you post 3 times a day.  This will increase your engagement and chances for your post to go viral.  

Think of an Instagram channel as a storefront, closing the store a few days a week leads to loss of business.  The same concept applies to your Instagram channel.  Not posting on a daily basis is like closing the store unexpectedly for a day.

Though vivid images and video are the backbone of Instagram do not overlook the accompanying words you choose.  Adding captions that are informative and fun to pictures is an important step.  Captivating captions can lead to more likes and followers.  Use a lyric from a song everybody knows, or a clever saying.  Be creative.  Finally, call to action captions are proven to lead to more comments, likes and bring new followers.

Hashtags are quite simply the masters of your engagement.  Using all available hashtags in a post is critical.  Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post; so be sure to use all of them.  (Helpful hint: You can always save your hashtags on your phone notepad and copy/paste/edit them for each post.)  

Now surely you could do all these steps yourself but if your goal is to gain a massive amount of followers and maximize your engagement you are going to need some help.  A software program such as InstAmigos will effectively put all of these time consuming tasks on autopilot, help to create brand awareness, and allow you to focus on running your business.  

Therefore, let’s take a look at the keys to using InstAmigos in our growth strategy to attract more followers and engagements on Instagram.  


“The power of the bot”

Setting up your InstAmigos targets is simple and easy to implement.  

In selecting Channels you want to target a few influencers and narrow the selection down to those channels that best align with your brand and style.  We suggest that you select at least 5 channels in your target audience.  It is also extremely important that you monitor performance rate and adjust your targets based on performance.   

Within Hashtags you should narrow hashtag choices to a maximum of ten.  Try to identify hashtags that your competitors would use most frequently and hashtags that generate most engagement.  Again, monitor performance and refine hashtag selections as needed.  

You can also set a criteria based on location.  This is an excellent element for a local business to define its audience to a particular location or even geofence it to a particular event.  Go where your customers are.  Go where they post and get your product or service in front of their eyes.  

Think of these three InstAmigos attributes as the keys to your kingdom.  Using this artificial intelligence software will save you time, is extremely affordable, and incredibly easy to use.  That’s smart.  For a business owner it is a wise allocation of your time and resources.  

With so many users on Instagram it has become the preferred platform for marketing your business to millions of people.  By adding InstAmigos to your growth strategy you will dramatically increase your brand exposure, grow your audience, and expand your reach.  

For more on Instagram Growth Strategy and Helpful Resources you can refer to Instamigos site 

You have an audience.  Now entertain them!  

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