How to Successfully Growth Hack your Instagram Account

With over 500 million active users (300+ million daily), it’s vital for marketers to make the most of Instagram. If you’re one of the many who are not currently doing so, continue reading. I’m going to share with you how to easily growth hack your Instagram account.

According to Instagram’s stats, there are over 95 million photos/videos per day.

That’s crazy!

At this point, you might be thinking “95 million photos/videos per day? How an earth am I going to get my content noticed????!!!!” Well, lucky for you, today you will find out some of my top growth hacks secrets! Secrets that will not only help you gain more likes and comments, but also help supercharge your Instagram follower growth.

The best part… you can apply these powerful strategies to both your company accounts and personal accounts.

Tip #1 Post Regularly

If you are wanting to achieve success on Instagram, you can’t just post every once in awhile… You need to be an active member of the social network. By this, I mean regularly posting at least once a day. Whilst it can be hard to find time to post throughout the day, you can use tools like Schedugram. This allows you to automate your Instagram publishing.

Tip #2 Discover Appropriate Hashtags

As an active member on Instagram, I see people making easily avoidable mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I see, is when accounts randomly select hashtags for images, using apps like Tags4Likes. I personally don’t recommend this.

For the best results and engagement on your posts, I highly recommend doing some quick research. Your goal is to discover appropriate hashtags that get lots of engagement and are related your content.

When I’m about to share a photo on Instagram, I will type in specific hashtags in the search function. For example “Entrepreneur” returns with various other hashtags such as “#entrepreneurmindset” and ”#entrepreneurlife”. I will then write these down on the notes app and proceed with finding more suitable “top” hashtags.

Another way to find relatable “top” hashtags, is by clicking on a specific hashtag then at the top looking at the “related” hashtags.

For example, related hashtags to “#Entrepreneur” include:
#businessowner, #entrepreneurlife, #businesswomen. I would then add these to my other hashtags saved on my notes.

Once I’ve found around 20 hashtags or so, I will copy and paste them into my caption

Tip #3 Identify and Engage with Target Audience

In order to gain a targeted following, you are going to want to identify your target audience. For my Instagram account, I mainly target others interested in motivation and inspiration quotes, who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

To achieve this, I’ve had to research other Instagram accounts and hashtags to find where my audience are at. This can be done via the search functions looking for specific accounts you want to target.

If you are a travel company, you will want to target those that like to travel, so identifying some high influencer accounts will help you achieve this.

When you find large accounts on Instagram that cater to a specific audience, you can engage with their followers. When you like their content, follow and comment on their posts, in many cases they return the favor.

Most of the time, users are going to click onto your account if you’ve commented on their content or followed them. If they enjoy what they see on your profile, they are likely to give you a follow and engage with your content.

Tip #4 Share User-Generated-Content

Another way to growth hack your Instagram account to success is by sharing User-Generated Content (UGC). Most everyone loves it when their content is featured in a positive way on a company social feed. In fact, user-generated content often gains new engagement, especially when you allow users to submit their content to be featured.

When you share user-generated content, always make sure you credit the original account. When you do this mention them/tag them so they get notified. When you do this they often end up mentioning it to others, resulting in even more engagement!

Tip #5 Cross Promote

My final tip for this post is cross promoting. This can be a huge success if done right.

Make use of your other social media accounts to help gain a following on Instagram. You can accomplish this by adding your Instagram feed to your Facebook page. Additionally you’ll want to automate your Instagram posts to Twitter with IFTTT and embed your Instagram feed onto your website.

ASOS has great success with embedding their Instagram content on their marketplace.

Depending on your content, once your following is substantial, it’s worth connecting with other large accounts to cross promoting content.

I recently reached out to an Instagram account similar to mine, that has 32,000 followers. We discussed cross promoting each other’s content. I shared a photo from their account on mine and in return, they did the same for me.

So there you go! You can now use my secrets to growth hack your Instagram account! I hope you have found these useful and learnt some new tips to skyrocket your Instagram success.

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If you have any other tips then feel free to share them below.

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