British boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua adds almost a million new followers to his Instagram account after defeating Klitschko

It’s no surprise that huge success and notoriety is likely to help you earn a solid following offline as well as on social media. But Anthony Joshua’s victory over Klitschko gives us a good idea in real terms of just how valuable a positive and compelling piece of news can be.

Before the long-awaited bout, Anthony Joshua was already sitting on a handsome following of 2.4 million Instagram users, dedicated to his feed. But not long after the victory was confirmed by TKO as the referee stepped in to announce the stoppage, Joshua was live broadcasting via from the ring to thank his fans for their support. That initial broadcast has been watched 3.4 million times at the time of writing and his subsequent posts, containing a mix of press and personal images have collectively been liked over 2.1 million times. The surge in popularity has thus translated into a 25% increase in Anthony Joshua’s social footprint, with his Instagram following rising to 3 million users (and counting).


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