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If you are a business, it is important to understand your target market so you’ll be able to reach the audience most likely to convert into customers.
Targeting the right audience will increase not only the followers but the post engagement rate, too.

How? and why?  If you have an account, fashion related content, you will need to target users similar to yours that have same field content oriented.

Let’s stick to fashion. Let’s understand the fact that you must target users with a lot of followers (real followers) that are fashion related as mentioned above.
InstAmigos will introduce your account to tens of thousands of people on a monthly basis by following accounts based on your targets.

Think of us as a matchmaker that connects you with people most interested in what you have to offer.




Additional useful tips for Social Media Strategy

Follow me! 12 Tips to Grow Your Following on Twitter

Social media has become almost an integral part of our daily lives these days.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and of course, Twitter, all compete for our inspired attention.  Hashtags, posts, tweets, likes, trending now … as much real-time social networking as you can handle.   

Twitter―the little Blue Bird that keeps you “in the know” about news, current trends, and relevant conversations is also one reason why you may be glued to your smartphone throughout the day.  I get it. I understand. We all do the same thing.

Whether you are an established small business or an individual just getting started on Twitter, you need to grow your following to widen your influence.  The more you can attract like-minded folks to follow your brand, the better.

Are you “follow worthy?”

Connect and engage with folks who share your interests and passions.  Besides a boost to your ego, the more followers you have the further you can expand your audience and make meaningful connections.  From a small business perspective that’s a marketing opportunity gold mine.

Follow Me!  Work smarter.  

Here are 12 tips to grow your Twitter following that you can use right away and they actually work.    


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